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About Us

Our garden sheds are manufactured using the highest quality materials to help ensure a long lasting product is achieved. The frame is made from galvanised box section which is then sheeted with the highest quality PVC Cladding. All garden sheds come standard with a galvanised frame and non-drip roof, seamless aluminium guttering & an 800 x 800 double glazed PVC window.

Because these sheds are sectional, this means they can be located in the hardest to get places thus ensuring the shed is used to its full potential. Be it at the front, back or side of your house, these sheds not only suit but blend in with their surroundings.

The ideal surface for a garden shed is a tailored concrete base. This base is to be a specific size so as to seal the shed and extend its life. The Garden Shed is then bolted to this base. The shed is also flashed around the base perimeter with a drip flashing, which seals the shed from rainwater and vermin.